Sunday, July 3, 2016

Walker's First Chi Alpha!

Here we go again!!!  
Another FULL circle moment...
Walker going to First Woodway's Chi Alpha
just like I used to!!!!!!!!!!
MJ was one of his counselors which was 
so cool and the other one was an awesome young man
 from A&M!!!  Love that these guys are 
investing in our boys!
This wasn't the entire group ...
but I couldn't stick around any longer!
It was supposed to be just drop off and go;)
Our texts!!!!!!!!!!  ha!
He never wants me to come get him!!!  ;)
Sunday Morning..........
It was Hudson's Birthday!!!!!!!!!
I love all these boys so much!
So thankful for each of them and their families!!!
And of course my favorites:)
Happy 6th Birthday, Big Huds!
And Happy First XA, Walker!!!
I have to say after this weekend,
we noticed the biggest change in Walker's
personal walk with Christ.
Troy and I were so moved by it.
Walker told us that he was ready to be 
baptized.  (Shame on me for wishing
that Walker had been baptized when his
friends were after Sondays Camp.  
Walker needed to make this decision
and do this on his own timing.)
There just really couldn't be
sweeter news to hear from your child.
He had let his counselors know
and the middle school youth pastor
contacted Walker about being
baptized at a youth event.
Walker told him that he wanted
to wait and be baptized with his dad:)
Wow.  Just wow.
So thankful...

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