Friday, July 1, 2016

Dad Days January 2016

These days were overwhelming to say 
the least.  I clung to this verse.  
It was our Sweet Trav's birthday....
How did this happen?
Dad was just so unpredictable.
This disease is horrible.  
We didn't leave him from morning til night 
(and had hired help for the night). 
He cried a lot.
Especially the few times I brought 
the kids to briefly see him.  :(
He went from being so tired and sleepy
to being agitated and on edge.
 Those last lines are so powerful.  
And just like that I'm researching 
and studying and praying for a cure.
Trying to smile through his tears.  
We are convinced that he has break
through moments of memory
and realization.  
My movement to vote for our
favorite employees at WW!!!
On my "shift" on a cold
January day...
The "lone burrito" he was served
for dinner that night!
The food is actually really good
at WW, but we did crack up 
over the lone burrito that night.  
We love Sweet Adelle!
My poor, sweet dad :(
Sometimes he just does crazy things.
My mother, sisters and I have
to find the humor;  otherwise, we 
would go insane.  
I love you, Dad.  
But here we sit with you.....
always and forever!!!
Yes, every single day...

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