Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hadlee and her Friends

Hadlee has made such a sweet little
group of friends in 4th grade!!!
 I wish I could bottle them up 
at this stage!!!
Cadence, Lily, Hadlee, Jersi
They are absolutely precious
and soooooo much fun!  :)
Lily, Cadence and Hadlee just 
had to take the plunge in January 
in freezing cold water!!!
They just HAD to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This little girl is something else
and she has truly blossomed
in the 4th grade!!!
I love my ten year old girl!
She's everything I dreamed of 
in a little girl!  Sometimes I just 
sit back and smile thinking about
her...her kind heart, her sensitivity,
her smarts and her fun little personality.
 I am so thankful.  
I Love you, Sweet Hadlee Girl!

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