Monday, July 25, 2016

Walker's Valentine...

I can't lie...I was excited that Walker
had a Valentine to buy for!  :)
Especially since I have a stash of 
fun gifts...awesome ones that I order
on the fly on Black Friday at really 
great prices!!!  I had actually ordered
this for Kate or Hadlee, but it
was perfect for Walker to give
to Tatum for Valentine's Day:)
Tatum made Walker a candy bouquet
of his favorites!  Super sweet and creative!!!!!
We had plans to do something with another
little couple but that fell through.  
We went ahead and went bowling
without them.  Hadlee & I came along:)
We let the two of them bowl
together and they were so cute!
First don't forget this!  
My sweet boy chose a good one!
It was cute watching him 
walk her to the door!  
They were so sweet and innocent...
I wish it could ALWAYS be this way!!!
Hadlee can't wait to recreate 
this gift sometime!!!
It really was adorable!!!
Tatum and Walker didn't last too much longer
after Valentine's Day...
but that's the way it should be 
in 7th grade and they are still great friends!  :)

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