Thursday, July 7, 2016

Walker's FiRST Girlfriend!!!

On January 27th, this beautiful girl's mom
texted me after school, 
"Have you heard the news?"
I hadn't even made it home yet, but
I kinda thought ALBEIT shockingly 
what she might mean!!!!!!!

About the same time, Kelli called
to tell me the same thing and for me
to check Walker's Instagram...
because at this age (13), the VERY
first thing you do is update your 
Insta profile with the date
you got a girlfriend/boyfriend.  

Walker was COOL CAT...
and God bless his heart, he was kinda
scared to tell us because he thought
he would be in trouble. 
Troy was so proud!!!!!!!
Me?!?  Well, I just didn't know what
to think.  He's MY boy;)
I didn't even know that he talked to 
girls.  AND I thought he and 
Kate would be girlfriend/boyfriend
their whole entire lives until they 
get married.  We quickly 
put Walker at ease and told him
how great we thought this was
and that hopefully this will be
one of many sweet girlfriends and just
to keep their friendship no matter 
what and under no circumstances
are mushy gushy posts/calls/texts
allowed.  They are 13,
BUT absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
We had known that Walker and Tatum
had a long running friendship - 
made on their own and we were 
thrilled for them.  She's a precious girl
and truth be known, I think they had liked 
each other for quite a while.  
I mean, come on, they were elected
TEAM CAPTAINS in 6th grade
for softball day!!!!!!!!!  
 This picture at the 6th grade
end of year dance?!???!!!!!
 Tatum wanting a picture with Hadlee?!?
Then posting it on her Insta!!!!!
She came to some of his basketball
games which I thought was super sweet!
He also went to some of her 
tennis matches!!!!!!!
Other than that, they pretty much
never talked.  HA HA!
But Social Media?!?
AND.....apparently walking together
 in the halls of Midway Middle School!
So cute!!!!!!
Happy for my BOY!:)

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snekcip said...

Nooooo!! He can't grow up!!! NOooooooo!!! :)