Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hadlee's Alamo Project

So South Bosque's 4th Grade 
ALAMO Project had arrived again...
this time for Hadlee!!!
I really wanted Hadlee to just turn in 
Walker's Lego Alamo!  ha ha!
But really ~ I thought we could throw
in some pink legos and call it a day.
No such luck!!!
Walker's was AMAZING though!
Hadlee and Daddy thought and thought...
we made trips to Hobby Lobby and 
FiNaLLY they came up with an idea.
It started out with wood like this ~
thanks to Daddy's drawing and engineering.
But then Sister's idea was to wrap it
in the ever so popular BURLAP!!!
Hadlee had made it her own!!!
Over the next few days the two
of them worked on it.....
It turned out AWESOME!!!!!!
Then they mounted it and added
trees ~ again Hadlee's idea:)
They were so proud of their work!
I was so proud AND THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh how very different their Alamo projects
would be if we didn't have TROY!!!!
Hadlee also added the little rock walk way...
They even turned it in early!!!!!!!
LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The man behind THiS Alamo...
AND this one, too!!!
Way to go, Daddy and Hadlee!!!!!!
Funny that this popped up on my Facebook
memory the very week Hadlee's was due!
Two Down, One To Go ;)
Troy is an amazing daddy, obviously!
I also love how Hadlee was committed to
her project and she wanted it to turn 
out awesome, too!!!

We will always...
REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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