Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hudson's 6th Birthday Party!!!!

The day after Hudson's official birthday,
we celebrated with his buddies!!!!!!
It was actually a school holiday on 
a Monday so we decided to throw
his party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's DO This!!!!!!!
Cutie Pie Miles also turned six that
 weekend!!!!!  His party had been on Friday.  
We did a sports themed party
at our church gym.  Huds was 
THE Coolest SiX Year Old there IS!!!
I can't get enough of him!!!
Precious little girls
from his kindergarten class.
Hadlee and Jersi were my sweet helpers:)
Julia, Kinley, Emme, HUD the STUD,
Hattie Belle, Ava, Mackenzie
Gotta do the Whip and Nae Nae at your party!
Time for KICKBALL!  
The Aggie and the Bear
Troy, Walker, Jared and Cort 
were in charge of the kick ball game!
Grandmother came for as long as she could:)
After kickball, we all went to the playground.  
I am SO very thankful for this kid
and his family ~ new friends and family
found in kindergarten that I know
we will keep forever.  
So many precious friends!!!
Sweaty boy ready to be CeLeBRaTeD!!!
We love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Happy Birthday to Hudson"
Miles gave him an awesome Aggie hat!
He kinda likes the Aggies;)
Wahooo!  The Cowboy hat he'd been wanting!
It was such a FABULOUS Party!!!!!!
Ella & Huds :)
Besties to my Rescue!!!
Huds is a lucky boy!
Haddie Belle with "the boy
that she loves"!
Sweetest little girls!!!
Kate & Caroline helped me, too!!!
I love me some 7th graders!!!
So thankful for our family and friends!!!
AND my student Coby who jumped
in the picture!  We will take him:)
Huds loved having his family there!!!
Big Bros!!!
I love all these pics......
I love these people so much!!!
Pierce Party of FiVE
with our FAVORITE SiX Year Old!
Big Sister Selfies!!!
AND Hoverboarding Brother!!!!
Such a special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kinda love this kid, 
can't you tell?!?  ;)
We finished off the night
by celebrating at Chuys!!!!!!!!!!
I thank the Good Lord Above
every day for the surprise of our lives
six years and nine months ago.
This little boy is the LOVE
of our LiVeS and we couldn't
imagine life without his sweetness
and his spunk and his imagination.
God knew we needed him!!!!

Happy 6th Birthday, 
Hudson Jack!!!!!!!

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