Saturday, July 23, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

I've always loved Valentine's Day...
even when I was single.
I've been blessed with A LOT of 
in my life!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee chose these for her 
Valentines to hand out at school...
They turned out super cute!!!!
And these were PERFECT for Big Huds!!!
Sometimes being Room Mom involves
some extra work!!!!  So worth it though...
even for a non-crafty person like me:)
The kids gave their teachers
these darling little bags the week 
of Valentine's Day.  
Hadlee had special gifts
for her three besties...she chose
this to go with the gifts:)
Heart blankets for Jersi, 
Cadence and Lily!
Something special for CoCo because
she does indeed ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister was all about LOVE that week:)
Hudson made us these at school...
There couldn't be more precious gifts
This melts Hudson's BU lovin' Mom
and A&M lovin' Dad to pieces!!!
Hadlee made this at school of 
all of HER current LOVES!!!  :)
We just loved that Dad was chosen
as the Valentine King.  
God bless him!!!!
The sweetest wishes.....
Lynna and I happened to be visiting
Dad at the same time on Valentine's Day...
We love him so much!
Hadlee had been hinting/asking for a 
for Valentine's Day from her Daddy.  
Mean Mama had said no since 
we didn't need another BiG stuffed
animal in our house!  ha ha!
The night before Valentine's Day
on my way home from Wesley Woods,
Troy asked me to hook him up.  
Of course I couldn't resist at that
point.  Sweet Daddy/Sweet Daughter!
Valentine's Day 2016
Go Warriors!!!
Sister loved her Big Bear!!!
Big Bro loves the Warriors, too!
That afternoon we met up with Tatum,
Walker's first girlfriend, 
to trade treats!  
That evening Hadlee gave us a SHOW!!!
Her shows are the BEST!:)
It was a SUPER SWEET day....
Filled with LOTS of LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

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