Friday, July 8, 2016

7th Grade A Team Tournament & Honors

The 7th Grade A Team got to play
in a couple of tournaments.  
SWARM continued to take the court
together which we loved!!!
Let's Go, Boys!!!
George's after the game with the 
team and parents.  Apparently 
Mom and Dad made Walker's 
Snapchat!  LOL!
Whatever BRUH means!!!!!!!!!
Lots of Little Sister LOVE!
Hudson had Max the Monkey from
his kindergarten class that weekend
so he took a picture with the 
team and Max!!!
Go Midway!!!
With Coach Smith...
Playing on the stage in the "Commons"!!!...
A lot of my life took place in that Commons area!
Ella Kate, Hadlee, Halie, Ella, Nadali
The Swarm FIVE
Put US in, Coach!!!!!!!!!!
Lunch break in between games!
Troy and I did our duty of 
working in the concession stand!!!
We had cute helpers:)
Another break between games
meant time at the park!
Max the Monkey hanging with the girls now!
I love watching my #42!!!!!
The boys' youth leaders came
to see them play!!!
The boys won all of their games
but lost the championship.  
It was a CRAZY game!!!!!!
The next night the team was honored
at the Midway Varsity Basketball Game...
SO many athletes and talented 
young people at Midway!!!!!!!!!
We LOVE supporting our favorite one!!!

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