Friday, July 15, 2016

Super Bowl 2016

Hudson could not wait for the 
Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!
He was for the Broncos all the way....
The kid is obsessed with football
and sports and Peyton Manning
 is a favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Starks had us over for a
Super Bowl Party....
While Hudson was dead set on 
the Broncos, he also liked
the Panthers, too!  ha ha!
He literally had on his Panthers
t-shirt under his Broncos jersey...
just in case, you know?!!!?
Dr. Moore and Hudson have had 
a long running bet during the entire
play offs.  Huds came out on top 
during the Super Bowl!!!!
The bet was for a dollar,
but Mark ended up giving Hudson
a $20 bill, too!   Big Huds 
definitely came out on top!!!

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