Friday, July 22, 2016

THE Daddy Daughter Date

I melt.  
She is perfectly precious to me
in every single way possible.  
She insisted on the "high heels"
for this most special DATE night....
This might be the last time for this
to ever happen...but I picked out her
dress for her!  Sent her a picture, 
bought it and brought it home.
She loved it and it was 
on our Princess!!!!!!!!
Absolutely PERFECT....
Her Knight in Shining Arm
was more excited over this
date night than even she was....
I literally just melt.  
Just PLEASE, please don't tell
Daddy that she really won't be
going to prom with him!!!!!
When we were at the hospital
when Hadlee was born, Troy
would look at his baby girl and say,
"Da Da Prom" over and over!!!!!  ;)
Their love for each other is PRiCeLeSS!
I wish so much that all little
girls could have a Daddy like Troy.  
There is nothing like the love of 
a good dad.  I know this first hand.  
These two are something else!!!
None of these were posed.
This is them!  :)
This one might be a glimpse
into their future when 
Hadlee actually does have a 
date with a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
They both have such a fun spunk 
about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's a little bit of Heaven on earth....
Nine years old...
turning ten in two months!
Her curls.  
Daddy isn't the only guy who
loves her so much!!!!
She loves this 'only girl' gig!  ;)
There is no other person I'd
rather share Daddy with than this one...
I still can't believe God blessed me
with this little girl!
A dream come TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even a dressy new coat!!!!!
Hey Handsome!
He requested a pink tie in Hadlee's honor:)
The Date...
Of course Daddy got her a corsage!
They met up with their Daddy/Daughter
friends at the Dance :)
They had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!
So thankful for these baseball boy dads
who are just as much if not more
GiRL Daddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella, Hadlee, Halie
They looked beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
So very thankful for our friends who
are like family in all aspects of our lives!
South Bosque Girls
We love Lily!!!!!
Troy said every girl there danced the night
away with confidence and had a blast!
He said it was the cutest thing!!!!
Daddies empower Girls!
These two ended the night
with custard from Freddy's!
They had a BLAST!!!!!!
"Girls who spend quality time with 
their dads grow up to be stronger women."

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snekcip said...

Hadlee was absolutely gorgeous!! What wonderful memories she will always remember with her dad!!