Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dance Competition Try Outs

On our way to tryouts for
Jr. Dance Company CoMPeTiTioN!!!!!
She was so relaxed and confident!!!
So the girls draw what number order they
will try out in and then it's in groups of TWO!
PLUS the viewing windows are 
completely COVERED!!!
Another mom showed me a little spot
to peak through!!!!!!
Hadlee was in the VERY LAST group!
Are you kidding me?!?
She didn't even want or need me to 
stay the entire time.  She was so cool!!!
I came for part of the time and luckily
got to peak...and let me tell you,
this girl ROCKED it!!!!!!!!
After try outs the girls wait
a full week to find out if and what
they made for competition. 
This was such great practice for what
it's like waiting to know if you made
dance team or cheerleader or whatever
in high school.  Emily put them all 
in a circle and really talked to them.  
The girls could make up to THREE dances
although most of the younger, new girls
don't make all three their first year.  
Hadlee was cool with that but she
really wanted to make all three;)
I told her no matter what to be cool
and not too excited or too sad either
way so as not to hurt others' feelings
who might not make what she does
or vice versa.  Sister was SO cool 
about it that after she opened her
envelope she wouldn't even look
through the windows at ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally I got her attention and she
held up three fingers ~ 
she had made all three dances!!!
My sweet girl was the only young one,
the only 4th grader, 
to make all three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was such a lesson in what
being driven and working hard on your own
can get you.  Hadlee achieved this 
goal on her own will!!!
I was so proud.
Girl Power for the WiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus they got their company
jackets that night!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got home and shared
her big news with everyone!!!
Walker said he was glad this was
over because he was tired of listening
to those same three songs being played
over and over!  ha ha!!!
Really and truly both boys 
were so very proud of their sister!!!!!!!!
It was cute!:)
Of course nobody was as proud
as her daddy and me!
This girl worked so hard
and made all three dances!!!!!!
On a funny side note,
that night Troy said, "Wow, Emily
gave the girls those jackets?!?"
I was like..."Yeah, honey, Emily
just gave the girls these jackets!!!" ;)
Oh Daddy, nothing in dance is free!!! ha ha!
Go and absolutely shine
in everything you do, Sweet Girl!
You amaze your mama!!!

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