Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lights with the Barkleys!!!

We love this fun tradition every 
Christmas with the Barkleys!!!
Loading up in the transit and going
to look at lights all over town:)
Even if we sometimes get in trouble
for getting OUT of the Transit;)
I couldn't live without my Kelli G!
So glad that Haley led us to the 
Big Santa in Hidden Valley
last's a fun part to our night!
7th Graders;)
God bless these two for enduring
picture after picture for us:)
But come on, these will be adorable
in the slide show at the rehearsal dinner;)

The week before Kelli and Troy 
made them pose under the MiSTLE ToE!!!
With Brian photobombing!!!!!  ha ha!

Brian thinks girls pose like deer!  :)))
Goof balls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another FUN night in the transit
is in the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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