Thursday, June 16, 2016

Christmas Morning 2015

Christmas Morning 2015
Here they come!!!!!!!!
HOVER BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seahawks Helmet!!!!!!!!!
A BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santa was good to the kiddos
this year.  Santa had fun:)
They are spoiled...
but so sweet and grateful, too!  
White football pants!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love a gymnastics mat!!!!!!!!!
Right smack dab in the
middle of the living room!  ;)
The Hoverboard was a HIT!
Merry Christmas Morning!
Time for family gifts!!!
New Jackets for ALL!
He had to hover EVeRYWHeRE!!!!!!
This girl and her love of 
medical supplies!!!
CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So cool with his very own iTouch!
SUPER sweet gifts wrapped
up from our little South Bosque two!
These ornaments are so special! 
Grandmother stopped by on her
way to Wesley Woods...
With gifts!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson was so excited 
over his Russell Wilson jersey!
Hadlee loved her monogrammed pull over!
And Mr. Hover Board was all about
his Aggie Pull- Over!
We loved that Grandmother was able
to stop by that morning:)

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