Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dad Days ~ December/January

It's difficult to describe the early days
 that Dad was put into the nursing home.
My family and I ~ although very much
close and very much together ~ 
still felt so alone and sad.
We were just doing our best
to love and support our sweet Dad.  
It's still what we are doing.  
There was/is just 
so much SHOCK associated with this
disease and how cruel it is.  
Every single time I plug in the "code"
to get into the hall where Dad is,
I am reminded of this other world ~ a
very sad and forgotten world ~ that exists.
But here we are.....
At this point, Dad still knew
how to walk but we had to walk
beside him to keep him from falling.  
God bless my Dad.  
This is really hard on Aunt Kitty.  
She can hardly stand to see her brother
like this.  It's interesting because he talks
a lot about her and can recall some things
sometimes from a very long time ago.  
We call Lynna "Miss Wesley Woods"!
And this sweet, sweet lady is our favorite!!!
We love her so much.  
Michelle brings Nova sometimes
and Dad really likes that!
This was Sweet Michelle's 51st
birthday.  She's so good with Dad.  

Our dear, sweet Mother.
She's so exhausted from all of this.  
Dad sleeps quite a bit.
2016 did indeed come...
How wonderful is our Mother?!?
God bless her!!!!!!!!!!!!
She TRULY exemplifies a true 
love of 57 years.  
We definitely have some favorite 
nurses and aids ~ this was one of them!
None of us really liked Dad with a mustache.
The workers were having hard time
shaving him so they ended up just
leaving the mustache.  I always 
kinda wanted to cry over it 
because it made him look different.
But I understood.  
The group text between my mother and 
sisters and me tells quite the story...
and has lots of funny and sad pictures!
Hadlee put her touches on the room!
And so did I! :)
My sweet girl loves her PaPa...
A prayer for my wonderful parents...
Numbers 6:24-27

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