Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dad's Move to Parkview in Mexia

Well, we hoped and we prayed
and we pleaded that the nightmare
that we were experiencing with my 
Sweet Dad would end, but it didn't.
My poor Dad's confusion and aggression
only got worse to the point that 
the nursing home said he would 
need to be sent to a special hospital 
in Mexia that might could help him.  
We were told repeatedly that this 
was just sometimes the way of 
the disease, but it was horrible.
Awful.  I still can't believe what
all went on during those days.  
As difficult as it was for us adjusting
to Wesley Woods (there is no place
that will take care of a loved one
as well as you would like), we met
and became so close to certain workers.
Sweet Felicia literally has become
like family ~ she calls Dad "Papa"
and Mother "Mom" and we are 
her sisters.  We love Felicia.
She cried and cried the morning that 
Dad was taken to Mexia.  
Dad was in pretty good spirits
that morning ~ but still completely
and totally unaware of anything.  
Gone, just gone:(
God knew we needed Felicia.  
Our hearts were HEAVY to say the least
as we waited on the ambulance to arrive.
Tears were falling and we were so 
anxious over the trip to Mexia, the 
new hospital, leaving...just everything.  
In walks the paramedics -
and we knew the main one.
God.  Only God.
The young man that showed up
is the son of LIFE LONG 
friends to my parents.  I grew up 
with Jimmy.  Our dads worked together
forever!!!!!!!!!!!  It was unbelievable
that Jimmy was the one who showed up.
He had no clue about Dad's situation
which made this very difficult for him.
He stepped up, put us at ease,
told the other paramedic to drive
and Jimmy took over taking care
of Dad.  Thank you, Lord.
Dad was calm and seemed fine with 
going.  Of course Ativan helps;)
I drove my Mother directly behind
the ambulance, with Michelle in her car
and Lynna and Travis in her car behind 
Michelle.  We didn't want our sweet
Dad out of our sight.  We had no clue
what awaited us in Mexia.
Jimmy sat in the back and visited
with Dad the entire trip. 
Not only had Dad known Jimmy his
whole life, Dad had even hired
Jimmy to work for him at Huck
several years ago.  
Dear, Sweet Jimmy was like an angel
that day.  He wasn't even scheduled to 
work that day but got called in!  
Jimmy got Dad situated in the hospital
and God bless his heart...
Jimmy broke down crying as he left.  :(
Later that day, I received this
message from Jimmy...
The hospital at Mexia was VERY NICE
and we were SOOOOOOOO relieved.
The nurse that greeted us and helped us
was so very kind, too.
God was really answering our prayers that day.  
Visitors are only allowed certain times 
at this hospital so we had to leave
but then we were able to return and 
be with Dad a little while longer.  
We met quite the character while
we were there.  This was the nicest
man and he sang and played the keyboard
for us while we were there.
He was a hoot!
He wanted his picture made
with each of us!  ;)
Mother was loving the music he 
was playing for us!  
Dad's temporary new room.
It was so hard to leave him that 
afternoon, but we had to.  
Thankfully we felt really comfortable
with the hospital and the staff.  
God knew we needed that comfort
and we were so grateful for that.  
We returned the next day
during "visiting hours."
Dad was sleeping.....
He really didn't know us, but
he seemed to be doing okay.  
I was trying to get a smile
out of him to send to Troy.  
In the days ahead, we all took 
turns driving to Mexia (an hour away)
to see him during the visiting hours.  
He was always very quiet.  
Our hearts just ached for him.  
We love him so much.  
Shortly before Dad left Wesley Woods,
he had taken a terrible fall.  
We couldn't believe how his leg
looked in the coming days. 
Poor, Poor Man:(
Parkview gave his body some
time to heal and we were glad for that.
Dad was VERY well cared for 
at this hospital.  For a few of the days,
he was their only patient.  
We feel so sorry for him.
This has all been unimaginable.  
Sorta smiling:)
My mother exemplifies true love 
for her husband of 57 years.  
Travis is so good to PaPa!
Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease.
The things that these patients say 
and their behaviors.  It's just unreal.  
Michelle is so good with Dad.
She is so kindhearted.  
These were two of the workers
that we really loved.  
They were so good to Dad and us.  
Quite honestly, we loved his care
at Parkview Hospital and as hard as it
was him being far from us and 
having to drive to see him during 
certain hours, we wanted him to stay there.
The care was just phenominal.  
Unfortunately about two weeks is 
as long as they can keep patients 
needing help like this. 
I was waiting at Wesley Woods
when the van drove back with Dad...
And there we set a couple of days
before Christmas with Dad back
at Wesley Woods.  He was on some
major, major drugs to help relieve 
the stress and aggression his body 
was under.  He was also crying A LOT...
which is heartbreaking:(
But yet, he doesn't hardly know us 
or anything for that matter.   
It's almost like he has moments
of clarity, but they are so fleeting.  
 I was finding it so incredibly
 hard to face what is a hopeless 
situation.  There's no "cure", there's no
light at the end of the tunnel, there's no
"getting better".....sure there can be 
okay days, better days, calm days ~
but with this disease you are always 
on a downward hill regardless of 
what type of day the patient is having.
There's no set time either of how long
a person will suffer like this.  
It can be years and years hence
the "long goodbye" as Nancy Reagan
coined Ronald Reagan's battle
with Alzheimer's.  Even the hope of
Heaven is distant.  Hope is what drives
us in times of despair.  One morning
my dear friend Jalayne sent me this...
and it was just what I needed:
I know this.  I know it well,
yet I had momentarily in the depths of
despair lost sight of where my hope
should and does lie.  
It has nothing to do with the circumstances
of my life, of my dad's illness, of 
anything on earth ~ 
My everlasting hope, which is all
that truly matters, is in Jesus.  
Of course this doesn't really make 
the day to day easier, but it does help.
Being without hope kills the soul.  
Romans 5:5

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