Monday, June 20, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

Sadly, Christmas 2015 looked much 
different from Christmas 2014.......
We moved Christmas to my house 
and tried to make the most of it.
The Grandkids:)
Mother still managed to make us 
her famous dressing!!!
The rest of us came up with what we could;)
Mother came for a little while to eat with us....
And so we could give her some gifts...
The kiddos all got gifts from the aunts:)
Money for most...but Aunt Lynna
was a hit with clothes for my three!!!
I'm the luckiest Aunt in the world!!!
Meanwhile, my best friend in the whole
wide world and her wonderful husband 
went to Wesley Woods 
ON CHRISTMAS DAY to sit with 
my dad so my mother could come and 
eat with us.  I was overwhelmed by them.
They fit right in with all of our 
new "friends"!!!
THE Truest friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came after we ate, and then
the Wischmeiers came.
And Clemy;)
Beatrice wasn't too far behind;)
Trying to block Dad's door!!!!!!!  ha!
God bless PaPa
These were such hard days...
we were trying to hard to be okay.  
Mother came back and had some 
of her dressing for Dad.  
Such a different Christmas :(
Back at home, Huds was gearing up
for his big game as a Seattle Seahawk!!!
He looked AWESOME in his new uniform!
Poor guy played so hard
and ended his day like this!  
Merry Christmas 2015

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