Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dance Company Days!

Seeing as though I'm not a real
"dance mom," I didn't quite understand
how all of this works.
I just assumed when Hadlee was
asked to be in the dance company
that she would attend and 
be in all competitions.  
Little did I know she would have
to rehearse and try out for 
the individual dances for competition.
This got serious. Real.Quick.  
The company was presented with three
dances for the competition.  The girls
could make one, two or all three dances.  
They had Sunday rehearsals and 
rehearsals during the holidays.  
From day one, this girl had her heart
set on all three and she went for it ~
even though she was told most
4th graders don't make all three.  
She practiced and performed 
ALL the time!!!!!!!!
I was so amazed by her drive!!!!!!!!
Hadlee loves Mrs. Emily
and the feeling is quite mutual!
I'm so thankful for the ladies
in my daughter's life:)

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