Tuesday, June 14, 2016

School Christmas Parties

Day before school was out for the holidays!!!
4th Grade Fun
So thankful for our new friend, Cadence!
This lady!  Couldn't love her more!!!
Mrs. G photobombing!
Can't believe these two are 
at their last Christmas party
at South Bosque :(
Lily Bug
Kindergarten Christmas Party
with this precious, sweet boy...
Best Bud Griffin
Oh Mrs. D...truly the best!
Miles!  Love this boy!!!
Mrs. Flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have loved watching Hudson
make friends this year.  
Grayson is such a cutie
and his mom is awesome, too!
Jersi Kate & Hudson Jack
Last Christmas with both of them
at South Bosque Elementary :(
Walker didn't have any school "parties"
at the middle school, but he did 
deliver gift cards to each of his teachers.

Of course there was a
#DreamTeam Party though!!!!!!!!!
My school family:)
Love them so much...

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