Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Date Night

This just doesn't happen.
Like EVER.
On our way to drop all of our kiddos
off for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to our dear and amazing
friend Kim and her precious children
whom all three of my children ADORE:)
And thank you to my gorgeous
NaNas for arranging this much 
needed night out with my man!!!!!!!!!!
It was rather spur of the moment;
otherwise, I would have washed my 
hair and not worn a hat!  ha!!!
Alico Building #selfie!!!
I can't really put into words what my
days and nights were like at this time
of my life.  It was like a nightmare.
A night with this man who "gets" me
and "got" what was going on was
My man's sweet Facebook post that 
night ~ he never posts!!!

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