Thursday, June 30, 2016

Basketball in January

7th Grade A Team Basketball
turned out to be really fun for Walker!
On the line!
Sometimes friends came out to watch
them in friends who are GiRLS!
A precious group!!!
Walker, Zach, Anson, Cort, Will, Quinn,
Garrett, Lanna and Tatum
Grandmother loved coming to watch
Walker when she could!!!
Sweet Huds taking care of G-mo!
Crazy Boys!  Dabbin'
Hudson loves to jump in!!!!!!!!!
The SWARM five on the court...
Basketball Sister Club
#80 on a big poster in the hallway
at Midway Middle School!!!!!!!!!
Let's Go, Swarm.  I mean MIDWAY!!!!!!
Lots of Fans!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker's GiRLFRieND at his tournament!!!

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