Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Christmas Aftermath

about his new Russell Wilson jersey!!!
I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson got lots of new things
and he LOVES "stuff" all over his room.
We worked at getting it organized...
One night on my way home from
Wesley Woods, I stopped at the store
to surprise the peeps at my house with 
I love a house full of kids!!!!!!!!!!
Cadence and Jersey came to play! :)
This kid played more football!  ;)
We spent the day with our favorite girl!
I love my two girls:)
Sister danced and danced!!!
Sonic run before dropping them
ALLLLL at the Hawkins house!
Troy and I were off on a date while
they stayed at the Hawkins:)
Hadlee and Macy made cookies ~
one for PaPa and Grandmother even:)
We crashed hard every night of the holidays!
But were up and ready to 
play each day, too!
"Miss Pierce" said this was
Kyndal babysat one day for me
and they built tents!!!!!!!!!!!
I jumped right in when I got home!
We tried to get our cool 
big brother to join us;)
I love me some Hadlee ....
... and some Huds:)

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snekcip said...

HEYYYYYY MINDY!!! It's so nice to catch on the "going-on's" in your family! Everyone is growing up!! Especially Hadlee!! Sending you some SOUTHEAST TEXAS hugs!!!