Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7th Grade A Team Basketball

After Walker's first 7th grade
basketball game on the B Team
and a high score of 14 points,
he was immediately moved to the
A Team!  He was kinda excited, 
but also loved the playing time and 
the coach on the B Team.
It all worked out great though!
He still got playing time and had 
a blast!  He did have to give up
his fave number 55 since a boy on 
the A Team already had that jersey.
I loved watching my #42:)
The Swarm on the court!
Even the coach called our group of
boys who had played so long 
together the Swarm!  ;)
The Coach always put our five 
from the SWARM in at the same time.
Go Swarm :)
Walker and Jared posting up!!!
Big Huds doing the whip 
and nae nae in the stands! ;)
Love this kid!!!!!!!!!
Proud of these Boys!
Such STuDS!!!!!!!!!!!

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