Tuesday, June 28, 2016

January 2016

Of course January brings back to school!
and back to these crazy boys for me;)
Basketball Tournaments for Walker
This is a sweet, precious girl
I had the privilege of having in English 
and then in French.  She was moving 
back to her home country.  
I will miss her so much!
Daddy out of town days :(
This boy and his drawings:)
These are his favorite teams at the time
with the numbers he wanted to be...
Midway, A&M, Seattle, Cleveland
Carolina, Giants, Buckaneers, Texans, Saints
Hadlee's class read a book that had
liverwurst in it...Mrs. Cates dared them
to all try liverwurst.  I wouldn't take
Hadlee to do it!  ha!
Mrs. Cates made her do it at school!!!!!!!!
My 7th period was something else...
especially Kobe and Peyton!!!!!!!!!!
Baseball lessons with Coach Jonathan!
My little love on a Friday night....
Troy involving himself in 
Hadlee and Jersi's face timing 
with boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love a night like this:)
Party at the Layne's
Hadlee was invited to eat lunch
with her principal and a school board
member.  She had to have two 
questions prepared for him.  
Such an honor!!!
Hudson told me exactly how he
wanted his birthday cake!!!

Huds lost his FIRST tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Urban Air with Friends....
Sweet Tatum was soon to be
Walker's GiRLFRieND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor guy sick:(
Daddy's Girl
Dr. Walker with a shot 
for Hudson (with a ball air pump!)
Funny boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tall Boy and his antics in 7th!
I loved this bunch so much!
STORM gear arrived!!!!!!!!!!
Dad and I face timing with Troy!
My girl:)
These two on their way to Urban Air...
These two silly girls to 3 Spoons!!!
This guy with ME:)
That night Macy and Hadlee
did my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

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