Wednesday, May 11, 2016

December Days

Our Christmas Card for 2015!!!
And the back..........
Hudson's "team" kept on playing
throughout December;)
Putting up the Christmas Tree with Daddy!
Social Media in 2015...
cracks me UP!!!!!!!!!!
Walker and a sweet friend were
chosen as the "first" cutest couple
of MMS.  LOL!!!!!!!!
This sweet girl was actually girlfriend
at the time to one of Walker's best buds.
Oh silly Middle School~ers!!!!!!
Like Walker would even consider
having a girlfriend anyways!!!
Lanna's comment was my favorite
though...."It should be 
Kate and Walker"!  #TRUTH
Hot air balloons landing by
South Bosque!
Walker got sick with strep.  
I hate hate hate seeing my kids SICK...
even at age 13:(
Somehow he managed not to miss 
any school though.  
Tough Guy
Christmas shopping with my 
best girl!!!!!!!!!
We bought a pretty bike for
our foster child ~ the little
girl requested a turquoise bike!
We love December!
My Sweet Dad...kinda got a smile
out of him:)  Such difficult days
but trying to make the most of them.  
Johnny ManzELF came back in 
like wrecking ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My children HAUNT me 
with horrible pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!
Choir Field Trip Day!
Little Man wanted his picture taken, too!
Classic Cold Face
Secret #DreamTeam Trip!!!!!!!!!
This class keeps me on my TOES!!!
Hair Cut Day for my 
handsome boys!!!
Thank you, Lord, for these three!  
Bumper Buddies!
Their "Talk Show"...
with a shout out to PaPa to feel better:)
I love their creativity and imagination!
STORM Spring Meeting!
Had to get new Storm gear...for Dad, too!  ;)
Mother and I had gone to see
Dad in Mexia.  Troy and the kiddos
met us at Chuys when we got back.  
They make me laugh...
when I need it most:)
They sure are cute! 
This little lady is constantly dancing!
She prepared soooooooo incredibly 
much for her upcoming competition 
try outs.  I was SO very impressed by her!!!
12:06 AM and I come across this one night
as I was trying to go to sleep.
The Good Lord knew just 
what I needed to read..............
Got my Starbucks (HA...just a joke!)
and my littles, heading to a baseball scrimmmage
.......all is wonderful:)
Had to stop off at the mall!  
Looking so cute in Kate's shirt,
vest and jeans:)
And finding stuff that Hudson 
desperately wanted for Christmas!  ha!
PLEASE, Mom!!!!!!!!!!!
Then Hadlee had a blast 
at Ally's scavenger hunt bday party!!!
Happy Birthday, Precious Ally!
My teenager and his Instagram!
Afterschool fun at the Barkleys!!!
OH Johnny Manzelf!!!!!!!!!!!
Teacher Gifts:)
I love putting together gifts!!!
Kindergarten Pajama Day!
Hadlee made these ornaments for
Pedro and Louisa ~ two workers
at her school.  She loves them!
She and Jersi gave them some
money to go with their ornaments.  
They are so precious to our girls:)
Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts
Pedis for the main teachers!  
Haddie made Mrs. Cates
an ornament to go along with 
her gift certficate:)
Macy's team came to play at MHS...
It was fun to watch her coach!!!
How cool that she was coaching against
one of her former teammates!!!
We are SO proud of Coach Macy!!!
I love South Bosque's Instagram!
The Conners are so good to us...
Jeff is always dropping by something or 
other for us:)
Jersi's Skating Party!!!!!!!!!!!
Ally & Hadlee
I absolutely love a HOUSE FULL!!!!!!!!!!
Part of CoCo's Gift!!!
Her.  Love Her.  
The Dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds was SUCH A BiG BOY!!!
No cavities for Walker or Hadlee!!!
Ornaments I made for the kids!  :)
And a VERY special one, too!!!
"He is Risen!"....
Had to remind Hadlee the meaning
of Christmas!!!  ha ha!
I love seeing this.....
I literally had to force Walker into this
picture, but I'm so glad I did!!!!!!
Something VERY much on my mind
and in my heart..................such truth!!!

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