Sunday, November 23, 2008

Na Na Lovin' ~ Baby Girl Style

Why don't you color me HAPPY!?!
This weekend my dear friend Brandy left her house in Dallas,
picked me up in Waco, then we headed to Austin to pick
up Sweet Laura...with non stop chatting about anything and
everything plus visions of Kim, Megan & Kelli and dreams for
Kaye Bells, we made it to Megan's house in San Antonio!
Have you figured this out yet?!?
It was a NA NA weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Na Na's are my VERY BEST girls in all of this world...
the seven of us met up in college and we seem to think there
is no other closer or more fun group in all of the universe!
(Yep, I'm not the only demonstrative person I know!!!).

So glad you asked! This weekend we were celebrating
the first child of Rob & Kelly Kelly due in January...Just BEDAZZLE me God MOMMY!!!
I am one excited chick over this BABY GIRL!!!
Can ya tell?!?First I did some Na Na representin' at another
shower for Kelli from her mom's friends.
Here she is with her beautiful sister & mom...

It was so fun to FINALLY see the BELLY in all of its glory & to watch Kelli open her gifts! Loved every second of it! (Do you remember that Kelli lives in San Fran?!? Break a God Mommy's heart why don't ya?!?)Then it was back to the official NA NA shower...
Have you EVER seen a HOTTER preggers?!?

Sweet Sistah Brooke joined us at the Na Na shower.
How sweet is this pic...
A few Petit Na Na's made brief appearances. This is
Precious PARSONS!!! Hold me!Sweet Sawyer who is a mere two months old with his
Rock Star Mommy Sweet L...
Lovin' the Petits...ALWAYS!
Beautiful Beverly (have you ever seen such eyes & lashes?!?)...
And MY adorable Chloe Bo...
(Kimberly Mo, is it bad for me to claim her?!? I just can't help it!)
Three generations of Petits in this pic...
Time to show the MAMA-to-BE some L-O-V-E.
Na Na Style!!!
The Na Na gift was some of her nursery decor
from Restoration Hardware (such cute stuff there!).
We had it sent direct to San Fran!Walker and Hadlee sent their God Sister
some love, too. I won't tell them that
THEIR God Mommy had trouble reading the card!!!
This New God Mommy (me!!!) had fun, fun, fun
shopping for a new Little Miss... I don't think I could have found anything more
fitting for our newest Petite...
She received an adorable shopping cart cover.
Kelli thought it might be a big pair
of panties for her beautifully growing body...
And this, my friends, is why we love her so...
There was only one thing terribly wrong with our
weekend. We were missing ONE...the beautiful Kaye Bells!!!
(She was back in San hoo!)
If I didn't have two wonderful sisters of my own,
I'd claim these...
Give us a table big enough for seven (preferably round)
or even just a room with comfy couches for us
to snuggle up to one another or perhaps a big, huge
bed for us to spoon on...that's ALL we need.
The Na Na's can talk and laugh any night away as
if we've never missed a minute of each others' lives.
I've always had many wonderful & amazing friends.
This was my first real 'group'. I think it was from
them that I learned how to be a real friend.
I love these girls dearly!!!
And I LOVE how we celebrate each Petit Na Na's birth...
especially this Sweet Baby Girl due in January.
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
BIG Time Na Na HUGS!!!
Love...God Mommy


angie said...

how fun!!! Girl's weekends are the best:) looks like such a fun shower.

Megan said...

LOVE IT!!! It was a wonderful weekend, and like after all Nana weekends, I am so sad that you all are gone! I just love you all! Thanks for capturing it all Mindy!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh my! You have the best group of girlfriends. Soooo pretty and sounds like the Na Na's ALWAYS have fun. I am lovin the God Mommy shirt too. What a fun shower. I can't wait to hear about this baby girl on the way.

Jennifer said...

How fun! What does "Na Na" mean? I've read it many times on your blog but not sure what it stands for. Glad you had such a fun weekend.

Kimberly said...

Woooooooooo hooooooooooooo!Chloe and I have been crying buckets since we left. It was such a fantastic time. NA NA's 4 Eva!