Friday, November 21, 2008


...I mean, SOCCER STAR!!!
Since basketball starts on Monday, I thought I
better get this posted!!!
Walker had such a great soccer season!
This was his second time to play & it was like
it just clicked for him!

He had a blast and scored lots of goals! We had such a great team!
Walker just loved everyone on there
and they always had FUN!!!

They were all so sweet and would get so excited
for each other ~ wish it would ALWAYS be like that!
Walker's #1 Fan with her Favorite Button...We have been on the same soccer and t-ball team
with Brayden. He and Walker have a ball together!
Hadlee likes playing with his little sister...Walker loved it when he played against his friends
from pre-k and school...This was the last game & our little Cheerleader was ready...Walker never, ever wanted to miss a game and he
never wanted to sit out...
but when he had to, he always had fun!!!
This cute thing was new to our team. She is so funny!
I loved becoming friends with her mom & I am so
happy they are South Bosqueians...
I love my family ~ such HUGE fans...
The Aggie GATORS 2008...

We had great coaches, too!!!End of the season pizza party...

You really forget how exciting a trophy is to a kid...

And especially to your baby sister...
Haddie wanted Bubba's trophy so bad!!!
SO glad that Walker was off playing for a little while.
I think this was the last time Haddie held Bubba's new trophy...
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!
Your enthusiasm and excitement over soccer
was just too cool! You always gave 100%
and you always had fun!!!
We will FOREVER be your #1 FANS!!!
And in case you didn't know...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Good luck in basketball and have FUN!!!


Beck said...

Such a sweet post Mindy, as usual! Did Walker get a haircut? He looks SO handsome in his soccer picture, LOVE it (:

Beth E. said...'re bringing back some great memories for me of when my boys were little. They played all of the sports (except for football), and kept us hopping from one season to the next with all of their practices and games. It was a great time and it all went by us waaaay too fast!

Walker and Hadlee are two cuties! Your pictures are awesome.


angie said...

what a cutie!! He looks like he really enjoyed playing this year, all smiles. I hope you have a great weekend!

Adrianne said...

Wow, so neat that Walker is athletic! Doing something that he is good at and enjoys is awesome. Hmmm, Walker 'Beckham" Pierce?

I don't think Haddie's gonna give up that trophy. She's too cute!!!