Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Baylor Girl for Pa Pa?!?

Last weekend was Baylor Homecoming and my bestie Kimberly
and her hubby and sweet baby girl were all set to come. Then
strep throat hit our house and they decided not to (go figure...
they have a six month old sweetie pie!).
We were so excited to attend the parade again this year
especially since CHLOE would now be with us!
It was a BUMMER (but luckily we are going to
see them THIS weekend
in Houston for Chloe's Christening).

Miss Priss still put on her Baylor cheer suit since
it was Homecoming even if we had to miss the festivities!

Here's how it went down:
"Hey, Daddy told me NEVER to wear the green and gold."...
"I really think Daddy will be mad at me and
Bubba keeps making fun of me."...
"I hate to do this, Mommy, but I have to give
you THE LOOK. I'm just not sure about the green and gold.
I'm used to Aggie marroon and nothing but."...
"What did you say? You went to Baylor and had
the time of your life?!? That's where you met all of
those beautiful best friends you call Na Na's?
Really, Mommy?!?"...
"Maybe Baylor is cool!!! WHAT? You used to
wear your roommate and fellow Na Na's REAL Baylor
cheerleading suit to parties (sometimes when she
didn't even know you were going to do that)?!?
That's really funny that you did that, Mommy!"...
"I am glad we went over to Grandmother and
PaPa's since they put you through Baylor
AND they bought me this cheerleading outfit."...
"You gotta be kidding me? You had more
fun than THIS while you were at Baylor?"...

"Just in case I ever cheer for Baylor like Kaye did,
I better pretend this is a balance beam and practice."...

"Wonder if I can be a Pi Phi at Baylor
like you and the Na Na's?!?"...

"HA HA! That's funny that you tricked Bubba into
wearing this new shirt you got him. You knew he wouldn't
wear anything with Baylor on it so you got him
a Nike soccer shirt with green on it. Smart Mama!"

"Don't dare tell Daddy, but Bubba and I had
so much fun in our green attire!"

"And here's my silly Pa Pa who loves Baylor
and he really wants me to go there, too!" "Daddy definitely doesn't like for Pa Pa to say that.
Daddy's reply is always that Pa Pa can pay for me to attend Baylor. PaPa usually doesn't say much after that since it's a little pricey at Baylor!"

"Mommy, what about boys kissing me like this?!?"...

"OH, only allow my cute Aggie Bubba
or my cute Aggie Daddy to kiss me?"
"Sounds great, Mommy! I love your alma mater!
But I still think I'll have to go to Texas A&M!!!"


Have a great weekend!


Lindsay said...

Sweet little cheerleader! I love the "story" Miss Priss told, oh, and the we just love the faces! I think the little cheerleader needs a Christmas tutu outfit to wear for the Holidays! I got your email and I have something coming your way. It will be in the mail by Monday-I'll email you the details!! Thanks for your sweet support and prayers.....I always know to count on sweet words from Texas and many many prayers.

Rhonda said...

I love your narration! That was cute, especially the first part! I also love that Troy says your dad will have to PAY for Baylor if Hadlee goes there! Funny, funny! Your little cheerleader is precious!

angie said...

I think she is PRECIOUS:) love the "look"! I can't even imagine her not going to BU:)

melanie, aka Mo said...

She is just a hoot. Did you cheer at Baylor? Oh and guess what... I'm Greek too! KD!

BabyGraham said...

I love the pictures and outfit! They are too cute for words! What years were you at Baylor? I went there too! It drives me crazy how familiar you look! Anyway- give your cute family a squeeze for me!

Beth E. said...

What a cutie pie!

Adrianne said...

Precious, adorable little thing. That Hadlee is a doll.

And Walker is such a handsome gentleman. I love ALL of your photos. I'm not that great at leaving comments, but I always look:-)

Hope everyone is getting well over there!

Luv and hugs to you.