Thursday, November 20, 2008


My husband and I had a HOT date in Dallas on Wednesday night!
You guessed it...we went to see Coldplay!
I must admit when my husband called me during the
summer to tell me about these tickets he purchased (and
the PRICE...wooooooo nellie!), I was a little uneasy. I've
always wanted to be a music lovin' type groupie chick, but it's
just never been my thang. I always start loving a song or
a band way late (just ask any Na Na!)...
Husby is much more hip than I on this so I went with it
and decided to be excited (and I loved that he wanted to do this...
I'm usually the BIG spender not HIM!).
Of course, I've always wanted to be friends with Gwyneth
(hee hee!) so that was exciting to me, too!

The American Airlines Center in Big D is awesome.
It had a NYC type feel ~ but Texas style!!! Loved it!

Coldplay was AWESOME! They put on an
amazing show...the songs, the laser lights, just
all the effects...SO COOL!

GUESS who REALLY was at the concert?!?

Actually, I didn't even know she was there until Perez Hilton told me today!

But ya wanna know who we DID see?!?
Tony Romo and Jason Whitten...cutie patooty Dallas Cowboys!
They sat behind us! I stalked them a little bit...
& so did Troy! T-dawg just wanted to discuss some plays
with them for their big game coming up this weekend!

If you're a big Cowboy fan, you'll spot them in this pic...

OH, did I mention how AWESOME our seats were?!?
They were just fantastic...better than Tony Romo's! ha!
We got to see Chris and the guys up so, so close!!!
Check these pics out...WHAT A SHOW!!!
Here I am with the band...hee hee
Here I am with Chris...ha ha! Don't worry, Gynnie ~ I only love my man!This part was reeeeeally cool...
little paper butterflies falling from the ceiling!!!They were EVERYWHERE!!!
All in all, it was just a fabulous night.
Being with my main man, chillin' to some music
and being in a city I love.
(I forgot how beautiful the people in Dallas are...really they are!
AND I swear it was a requirement to have an Iphone at
that concert! You'd look out over the SOLD OUT
crowd and see Iphones EVERYWHERE!...such a hip town!)

I love you, T-Dawg!

You melt my heart!!! Thanks for the HOT de man!


angie said...

how cool!!!what a fun night:) you are so hip mindy!! Love all the pictures!

fivemjs said...

What a totally fun night! Super jealous! Love the pics!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Wow! So did you see Apple there? ha! This looked like so much FUN. I can't stop thinking of you two when I hear that song on the radio now. LOVED the pictures!!

Rhonda said...

What a blast! But I couldn't see Tony Romo and Jason Whitten in your picture?? T-Roy went all out with those hot tickets!! Woo hoo!!

Your IPhone comment made me laugh because I just got back from lunch with about 10 ladies from Central Office (school district, you know!!) and we were all comparing, sharing and trying to figure out how to use our IPhones and Blackberrys!!!

Adrianne said...

Glad you had such a great time. Looks like so much fun! Did you tell Romo I said hello:-)

Beth E. said...

Wow...looks like you had an awesome time! Isn't it great when we get to spend quality time with our hubbies?!