Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hint Hint...

T-dawg and I celebrated our nine year anniversary on
September 25th. My parents kept the kiddos while
we went to dinner to celebrate...
We really don't go out very often just the two of us.
But ya know what, we always have a blast when
we crazy fun! Just ask God Mommy (Kelli)
about the text messages she got that night!!!
Oh, I almost forgot...I made Husby a cake that day.
Walker took this picture for me.
Isn't the cake cute?!?Ooops...don't look too closely!
Yep, the cake was a disaster!
Hey, I've only been a homemaker for nine years!!!

We got each other Iphones, but they weren't in yet...

T-rock might kill me for posting these pics!!!
So, why am I just now posting about this?
Really, I just came across these pics but also because tonight we are off to Dallas to
officially celebrate our anny!!!

If ya wanna know what we are doing,
you'll just have to guess!!!

If you listen to the music I play on my blog...
you just might figure it out!!!

One more hint...

I might have to help Gwyneth with Apple & Moses tonight!


angie said...

Nice cake:)-oh that is funny, I bet it still tasted good! Happy anniversary. Have fun, fun, fun!!!

Beck said...

OMG! Are you going to Coldplay? I will be SOOOO jealous if that's the case!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (;

We celebreated Oct. 18th and I have yet to do my post about it, haha. Better late than never I always say!

Kimberly said...

Mindy- I hope the concert is great! I think you are really cool..even if you just found out about them a few months ago! Hee hee!

Adrianne said...

Ok, I'm sooo old. I don't know any of Coldplay's music, but I like what I hear on your blog. Mark really digs them.

Have fun you crazy kids!!! :-)

Your cake looks yummy. Better than I can do. Ya'll are the only people I know who eat out more than we do:-) Maybe some of us can take a trip to France and take some cooking lessons:-) You can be the translator, I can be the eater and Robin can do the actual cooking:-)

Amanda said...

The cake is cute, but you two are even CUTER! Have fun and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! Love Coldplay!

Rhonda said...

Love that cake and IPhone! I think it is funny that yall come to Dallas as a "treat" and our idea of a "treat" is stopping at the Czech Stop in Waco!! We love those kaloches! Happy belated anniversary - hope you and your Troy Boy had fun together!!