Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Chloe's Christening...

OHHH, Happy Day...
This weekend I went to celebrate my dear
friend Kimberly's little girl's Christening.
You met Chloe when she was born in April
and then again when I first officially met her in June.

The following pic is totally for the NaNa's. My gift
to Chloe was a little lamb of God (and a sweet
necklace, too). As I was wrapping the little
lamb, I started chuckling. Na Na's, meet "SHEEP"...
hee hee!!!
This Little Boy Love of mine stayed home with my Big
Boy Love. In fact, they won 701 tickets at
Chuck E. Cheese (and sweet boy purchased gifts
for both mommy and Haddie with them!)...
Hadlee and I had a lovely long road trip
to the Big Big (Oily) City. This little angel
was well worth the drive...
Sweet little Petite Na Na's meet...
Instant B/F/F's!!! Sweet Girlies of Mine...Is Chloe not just precious beyond words...?!?
And the sweet little thing NEVER cried while I was there!!!
You really forget how sweet & special
bath time with a baby is...
Hadlee, on the other hand, thought bath time
was the perfect time to steal Chloe's bumbo seat!!!Hadlee had a BALL with this BIG PINK BALL!!!
If Haddie's mommy worked out,
Hadlee might have one like it!!!Auntie Kimberly is FUN!!!The girlies were so excited to see each
other in the morning. Chloe snuggling
in my bed first thing in the morning was the
highlight of the trip!!!Time to get ready for church...
Oh, yes, THE LOOK travels...
What a precious, sweet family...I was so honored to witness this day...

What was Haddie Girl up to?!?
Playing Mrs. Pacman on my phone...
Amazing new mommy & beautiful friend...
Kimberly, we've come a LONG way from
the 16B Hizow (our apartment at Baylor)!!!
Our dear friend Kristin was also there. She and her
cutie pie live in Houston. I miss & love this girl!!!
The little angel before the brunch in her honor...
Our Sweet Girly Girls...
Hadlee was ALL ABOUT giving Chloe hugs
and kisses...it was so sweet!
The one I captured on camera was not
so sweet though! Hadlee took "hold me tight"
a little to far on this one...
It was my pleasure to change Chloe from her
baptism dress to her party dress!
Precious Little Diva!!!
Maybe I took my kisses a little too far!?!
I just couldn't get enough of those lovable cheeks!!!
Sweet Pea waiting on Marc to cut the cake...
My dear Kimberly...I love you and your baby girl.
I will always love & pray for you both.
Our 'unspoken' friendship means the world to me.
I can count on you for anything...
and you better know that works both ways!
It was an honor to share in this most special
day with you and Marc. I am so thrilled to be
a part of Chloe's life. I will always be there for her!!!
(EVEN IF you guys are moving to Australia
for the experience of a life time!!!)
Happy Baptism, Sweet Chloe Bow!!!
You are the sweetest blessing!


Beck said...

Nothing sweeter than lovin' on a baby girl!! Chloe is SO stinkin' cute! You are lucky to live so close to so many of your friends! Hadlee looks beautiful, and more stylish than ever, LOL! Looks like a fun trip (:

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, that baby......little Chloe is just precious. She glows she is so sweet! Those cheeks.....how could you not kiss her? Haddie's outfit is adorable! Did you get my email? Send me Haddie's size so I can make sure the shirt I have will work. I can't wait for you to see what I'm doing. I hope you love it....I didn't even confirm with you-I just took the liberty to do it! You know me, I get the urge to do something fun and new and I just do it. Let me know what you think. And your comments were so sweet.

Kimberly said...

Chloe and I are sitting at the computer with tears in our eyes! What a sweet sweet post. We love Auntie Mindy and are so blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you for makind the weekend so special.

Beth E. said...

Two precious little girls! That Hadlee always brings a smile to my face. And, did you get a load of Chloe's beautiful eyes?! Wow. BOTH girls looking totally kissable. :o)

What a blessing to be able to spend the weekend with your friend and her family!

Adrianne said...

What a beautiful, precious baby girl! Those cheeks! Who could resist?!?

I think Miss Hadlee and Walker need a baby sister!

angie said...

What a fun trip:) I love the tight hug picture, too cute! It's so nice that you got to spend time with a great friend. Love the dress!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh she is soooo precious! What a beautiful little one. You are so sweet to be there for this special day. Haddie cakes dress is so pretty. I am missing my girl! (and you too)

Rhonda said...

PRECIOUS BABY GIRL - oh my, that baby looks like a little cherub! It looks like you had a special weekend with Chloe and her mommy! What a fun girls weekend for you and Miss Hadlee! I love both of Hadlee's dresses - little fashion queen!

Amanda said...

Oh she is SO cute!! My friend is here with me and I had to call her over to look at your precious Haddie in her B&W dress with black leggings. He daughter (Cameron) was wearing the SAME thing 2 days ago..too funny! And then we were lovin' on her polka dot dress too. Chloe's Christening outfit is beautiful as well. Looks like you and Haddie girl had a great trip!

Beth E. said...

I totally got away with my toilet paper caper! They're guys...they don't notice anything! lol