Monday, May 8, 2017

4th of July Lake Travis

We had to divide and conquer on our 
traditional Lake Travis trip to see
God Mommy and family....
Walkman had a tournament in 
the Big City that weekend...
Off we went.............
Hello Lake Travis!
As if they had never missed a beat!
THE Highlight......
Meeting my newest precious God Daughter,
Hazel!!!  Love at first sight:)
She even had on the little onesie
I had made for Addison!!!
 A perfect day:)
Reunited and it feels so GOOD!!!
Go Haddie Girl!
When four out of seven are together,
it's like we are all together!!!
Hazel is an example of God 
telling us the world needs to go on!
PRECIOUS God Sisters!!!!!!!!
My first God Daughter!  
Love her so much!
Huds loves babies!!!!!!
My ❤ melted even more!!!!!!
We had a BLAST! 
I love my traveling buddies!!!
I'll always remember this trip...
Sweet Hazel :)

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