Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Midway Football Player

"Guess what, Mom?
I have a game today!!!!!!!!!"
I literally hear Hudson say that pretty
much every single day right before
he gets FULLY dressed out in 
his Midway football uniform.  
The poor guy knows how I hate
the cold weather so he is ALWAYS quick
to say, "It's an inside game, Mom!!!"
And by game, he really means
that he has a game!!!!!!
He's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was so proud of his new 
white game day jersey;)
The kid is OBSESSED!!!!!!
And so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He wanted to do this pose with the
helmet way in front of him;)
Five Precious Years Old!!!
Another pose he loves.
He has seen the football boys
pose like this for pictures.  
I could not love this little player more.  
Not only does he have a game
everyday, but he also watches 
videos and highlights from Midway games.
Plus he loves to draw and color
Midway football players in his "journal"!!!
This little boy and his imagination!
Hey #5...
You are my heart and soul.  

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