Thursday, February 5, 2015


My team and hall of teachers are
We have such a blast together..........
At MHS, if students are not in dress code,
they are forced to change into 
"I Love Midway" sweatpants.
One week when it was really cold
we decided that Friday 
we would indulge in wearing some
comfy "I love Midway" sweats!!! ;)
We giggled and laughed and 
CRaCKeD up at how our pictures turned out.  
I may be the oldest in this group
by ten years...but I can still hang;)
You should have seen our friend from
admin taking these pictures.
She was ROLLING!  
God bless Trey...we have one conference 
we meet together and one on our own.
During our third period meeting, 
he puts up with A LOT ~
talk of Kendra Scott jewelry and birthing
babies seem to always be on our agenda ;)
It's been a while since I have had
a group of friends at school
that I can't wait to see and spend my 
days with ... we send group texts
all the time, we cover for each other,
help each other, and just care
deeply for one another.
Every Friday we go out for lunch.
We call it our Friday Field Trip:)
It's my first experience being the
"veteran" teacher;)  HA!
I know these people will be 
my dear friends FOREVER.
(one of these teachers also happens to 
be a FORMER student of mine!!!!!!!)
We are on what we call the "cool hall"
and you should have seen what our
students thought of us!!!!!!! ;)
It makes a WORLD of difference having
such fun and amazing people to work with!!!

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