Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More #5

Every single day is GAME DAY
for this kid!!!!!!!!!!
He has Jared's quarterback wristlet
and the plays from Tri City football.
Getting warmed up!
Cutest Midway player EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ready for his Run-Out!!!
He is soooo into this!!!!!!!!
He calls out plays and 
talks to the other players
(all ones off of Midway!).
Sometimes I have to hold
the ball for kick offs;)
He even has cheerleaders sometimes:)
He pays them no attention
and he just keeps playing!
This player is LOVED!
The poor child is the quarterback,
receiver, kicker, etc.!
Even throws himself passes;)
Sometimes he fumbles;) 
and sometimes he gets hurt
and makes us all take a knee;)
In the huddle talking to 
Ben Hicks, Devontre, Jake, etc.
He does chants and everything
(just like the ones he has heard
on Midway videos)!
We WON!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm always his biggest, best fan:)
Sweaty Boy!!!!!!!!!!!

When it's just too cold, he has
his games inside (for me!)...
I love an indoor game when it's cold;)
He likes for me to sing the
"National Anthem" before his games!
He also loves for me to draw
him as a football player;)
Some games, the coach tells him
to wear his blue jersey;)
Such a STUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could just eat this guy up!!!
I love everything about him:)
Hadlee is a pretty big fan, too!
He let Hadlee play some in this
game.  At one point, he looked
over at me and said, "I wish 
I had boys to play in this game!"
In it to WiN it!!!!!!!!!
You are something else, #5!!!
We could not love you more!!!!!!!!!!

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