Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hodge Podge of Our Days

Late nights at the Pierces...
Always up to something;)
Church with these handsome guys!
And our fave girl(:
Walker and Jared helped me 
in Pre-K Praise for 
Panther Pride points.  
They were funny in there!!!
Not so much like Hadlee who
could actually run the whole thing for me!  
Could there be anything sweeter
than watching my little girl
teach little ones about Jesus?!?
The Big Boys helping was 
actually pretty cute, too.  
So sweet.....
Big Brother is good to Little Brother always...
I'm thankful for my teaching partner:)
What lunch looks like with tweens
and their phones!!!!!!!!;)
#55 on the line!!!!!!!!!!
Walker with TWO!!!!!!  
Action jump shot!  Wahooooooo!
This little guy loves to "work out"!  
Shirt off and all!!!!!!!;)
And he just likes to play!!! 
Look at this girl!
She looks like a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were so excited that Poppa
came to see us from New Mexico!!!
He stayed with us and took us out
to dinner.  It was so good to see him!!!
Sweet Hadlee and Hudson had
made him signs:)
Hudson drew a "boot" for him;)
Jack and Hudson Jack
We loved having Poppa visit and
 hated to see him head back to New Mexico.
Sugar Bear got the dreaded virus:(
Always breaks my heart to see her sick:(  
Mommy's Boy...
My handsome boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My team and I are so close at school...
so close we even color coordinate ~
and this time it wasn't even on purpose!
I am SO thankful for my amazing
and wonderful friends at school.
We just love each other so much!!!!!
This girl can't be beat at Matching!!!!!!!!!
Walker loves KLife so much.
He recently asked for a new Bible ~ one more
suitable for his age for him to take to KLife
and to church.  This was one thing
I couldn't wait to go and buy for him!!!
He memorizes his verse from KLife
each week and makes it his screen saver
on his phone.  I wrote the KLife leaders
to tell them how thankful I am for what
they are teaching our boys and how they
are leading them.  There is no better gift.  
Driving and looking over to see this...

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