Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Year's!!!

Our New Year's Eve was
WiLD and CRaZY!!!!!!!!!!!
We let NYE be about the kiddos this year.
Hadlee got to have Nadaly and Haile
spend the night and Walker got to have Jonah.  
Hudson floats between all of them(:
The girls made fun New Year's signs:)
Mr. 2015 himself joined them!!!
Here comes TRouBLE!!!!!!!!!
Love these two so much!!!
We tried tricking them that 11:00
when the ball dropped that it was
New Year's....but that didn't work.
They celebrated at 11:00 and then all 
over again at midnight;)
I wouldn't want NYE any other
way these days:)
I loved this picture of the girls
watching the ball drop in NYC.
I pray that my girl always has sweet
friends to celebrate New Year's with:)
I loved that I had this little guy
to kiss and love on at midnight:)
While the crazies were still up, 
Tdawg and I snuggled with our sweet baby boy:)

New Year's Day is my sister's birthday,
but we decided to celebrate her another
day later in the week so everyone could be there.
 Baylor had their big bowl game that
day and my mother sent me a "selfie"
to show me how she was geared up 
and ready in her green and gold!
Like Mother, Like Daughter!
I immediately sent her one back. 
After Baylor's devastating loss, we went
to my parents to cry to eat black eyed
peas and cabbage.  Even though it
was a tough loss, we still managed
to smile in our green and gold:)
Being with friends and family as 
last year ended and the new year 
began was perfect!!!

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