Saturday, February 21, 2015

St. Louis Basketball Tournament

The SWARM played in the St. Louis Tournament
in January.  It started on the Friday night
I was gone to "Mamma Mia" in Austin.  
Walker had his ABSOLUTE best game
of the season that night:(
He scored 10 points and played his 
little heart out against Lorena.  
The boys' K-Life leaders came to watch!!!
Sweet Girl sent these pictures
to me while she and the boys were 
on their way to the game...
Then she sent me this very sad 
picture after the game...
Unfortunately in the last second, 
a Lorena boy threw up a three pointer
and made it beating the Swarm by ONE point!!!
That meant we were up at 8 am 
for the next game!!!!!!
Thankfully we WON :)
These two are Walker's best 
Hadlee put together treat bags
and made posters
during our break before the next game.
That afternoon we had our 
regular Waco League game...
It was a nail biter;)
THEN it was back to the St. Louis
tournament to face Lorena again!!!
Sweet Sister:)
This was a LONG weekend of
basketball and tagging along
to ALLLL of big brother's stuff
like always.  The H's don't seem
to mind usually.  They actually love it!
This time the Swarm crushed Lorena!!!
#55 played great all weekend!
My boy is huge!
He's wearing size 11 men's high tops!!!
Go Swarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandmother and PaPa came for 
the last two games :)
Between the third and fourth
game, I pretended to drink
a Starbucks;)
For the fourth and final game
that day ~ the Championship Game...
we played a REALLY awesome team!
The boys were HUGE and
playing basketball was in their blood!
Big Huds taking a video of Brother!
It was a tough game,
but the SWARM fought hard!
The last game started after 9:00 that night!!!
This team was awesome and 
we really didn't stand much 
of a chance;)
We came in 2nd place!!!
So proud of these boys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee handed out her treat
bags...even to Matthew;)
It was a fun weekend
filled with five games in two days!
I was most proud of this guy...
Way to Go, Swarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love being a part of this team:)

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