Monday, February 9, 2015

Hudson Birthday EVE

The absolute BEST days of my year
are celebrating my little loves!!!
On the Thursday before Hudson's
5th birthday, he was home with 
a low grade fever and cough.
His day was CeRTaiNLY made
when a package showed up on 
our front door filled with all of this FuN...
it was from the Reeds of course!!!!!!!!
Too sweet...Hudson was SO excited
~ an AGGIE football!!!!!! :)
RoRo was such a special part
of Hudson's birthday seeing as
though she came down in her snuggie
and stayed with Walker and Hadlee
while we went to the hospital in the 
middle of the night.  
There was no better person
for my other two babies to wake up
to than Robin :)
Cupcakes to take to Mrs. Janice's...
Hudson was very specific as to what
he wanted stuck in his cupcake
(the one in the middle!!!)!
Hudson said his party at Mrs. 
Janice's was the "best ever"!!! ;)
Hadlee came home that afternoon 
with a gift from Sweet Jersi Girl.
Her name was drawn that morning
in assembly for a prize and 
she chose something out of the
prizes for HUDSON.
Is that not the sweetest thing?!?
Jersi is on Hudson's list of "his girls"!;)
Hudson has been asking for 
Midway stickers for his helmet.
One of the high school coaches
HOOKED him UP!!!!!!!
We couldn't wait to give him this...
He was SO excited!!!!!!!!!
Look how proud he was!!!!!!!!!!!!
This boy:)
Go Midway;)
He made a video to thank
Coach V for the awesome Midway stickers!
After everyone was in bed that night,
I set up the table for the birthday
boy to wake up to the next morning!
I seriously couldn't believe that
my baby boy was five:(

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