Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Travis and Michelle's Birthdays!

The Pierce Party of Five was so 
excited to celebrate two very, VERY
special birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the things my kiddos write
and Hudson's Superman symbol he 
drew on his own was too cute! ...
Michelle's Birthday is January 1st...
she was the first baby born in 1965 
in Waco, Texas...even made the news;)
This birthday was her 50th!!!!!!!!
Trav's birthday is January 5th so 
we decided to make it a 
Fifty-licious Superman Party!!!
 I can't express it enough or better...
these are two REALLY special people!!!
Aunt Michelle couldn't resist ordering
Travis this shirt for his birthday!!!
Everyone wanted their picture
with the birthday boy and the birthday girl!
I want to look as hot and amazing
as Michelle when I'm 50!!!!!!!!
She does NOT look 50 AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just love these two people so much!
It was fun to celebrate them together :)

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