Saturday, February 7, 2015

Here We Go, 2015 :)

We have the best collection of these 
pictures.  We will have to start a 
new tradition at the newly renovated
"Kyle Field"...thankful Troy and 
Walker were there right before this was
blown up for the new one!  
Car Pool with these two cuties:)
 Travis absolutely loves this picture
and OF COURSE so do I:)
It's priceless.
Hadlee was crazy about Travis...
still is! 
I couldn't resist sending this to my
favorite guy in the whole wide world:)
This girl LOVES to facetime
Mama when I'm not home!!!
She's my little delight!
Janice and Adrienne tell me 
that Hudson is CRAZY over Bax.
This melts my heart!!!
Sweet, sweet boy...
I love having a tween;)
Playing in the sink:) Why not?!?
This is what a PERFECT night to 
me looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The five of us watched
"Facing the Giants" that night:)
Huds and his favorite friends!
Baseball season is just about here!!!
Now BOTH boys go to the batting cages
with Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my #55!!!!!!!!!!!

Guarding one of his buddies!
I can't get enough of THiS!!!!!!!!!!!
What was I thinking???
Taking these three guys to Target with
me after I picked them up from a party!;)
Big J asked a woman to marry
him while we were there!!!!!!!!!!
These snuggles and cuddles
could get me through ANYthing!
This girl and her games...
She means business!!!  ;)
Check out this cool guy right after
basketball practice?!?
What am I going to do with him? ;)
Walker and two other classmates
created this "roller coaster" in Science
for a project.  It was really cool.  
Walker volunteered to bring it home;)
He proudly displayed it in our living room
and I was like "nooooo"!!!
He looked at me and said, "Come
on, Mom, it's like modern art!!!"
One night we were texting back and forth
with the Moores.  This was the Pierce Party Selfie:)
I was actually wondering why all five of 
us were on the little couch while
I was trying to watch a football game?!? ;)
This could NOT be more true of me!!!
This sweet little angel came down
with a virus:(  Broke Mommy's heart...
But he was up for playing some games!
He's good at Sequence!!!!!!!!!!
He told me Mrs. Janice taught him how to play:)
Even when he feels terrible,
he will still smile for mommy! 
At the doctor...
Poor guy felt so bad...
Broke Mommy's heart...
but I sure did love the sweet snuggles!
Picking up my two favorite 
3rd grade girls :)

Taking full advantage of being at home sick;)

KLife Day = Halfy Hour at the new
Corner Store!  Walker and Cade
were SO proud of their HUGE drinks
that they got for SO cheap;)
FaceTiming is FuN!!!
Addy's Birthday Party!
Silly, Sweet Girls!
Friday Night Fun with Friends:)
Sending our Haley Girl a selfie ;) ...
Our goals for 2015!!!!!!!

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