Monday, February 2, 2015

Wimberly with the NaNa's

Heading south on I-35 to see
my best friends!!!!!!!
We met Kelli, Brooke, Megan, and Laura
at a house in Wimberly over the holidays!
Some of our kiddos...............
I cannot even put into words
how INCREDIBLE it is to be
with this group of friends and their families.
They are just my girls.
I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There were a few things missing....
Kimberly, Kaye, Brandy and their families :(
We fed the kiddos and then we all ate
dinner together...
the kids immediately started playing
and hiding from one another;)
The Guys ~ so cool how they are
great friends now, too!  
(Like they had a choice!!!)
I told John to take pictures with my
phone.  I explained that the upward
angle is always good...
He took my instructions very literally;)
Funny how there are always kids
somewhere in our pictures;)
We love our Petit NaNa's like they
are all our very own!!!!!!!!
The Good Lord has blessed us ALL!!!
I'm so happy when I'm with this girl.
The absolute best of the best, this girl:)
Hadlee and I wanted to bring
treats for everyone...the only thing
we could think of was whoopee cushions;)
Hadlee & Beverly...
again they hit it off big time!
A whoopee cushion will do that
to a friendship;)
Charlie & Me!
These four had me ROLLING
with the whoopee cushions!!!!!!!!
How cute and fun are they?!?
Bonding with these babies makes me so happy!
Had fun with these guys, too!!!
Getting to be with
three of my girls from Baylor
(& a little sister I adore) over the holidays
was definitely a HUGE highlight of my break.
We first met at Baylor...
learned, grew, and LOVED one another through
 it all and none of it has changed to this day!
Now our little girls meet up like they
are best friends and plan their days at Baylor
 (well, honestly one says she will be
at A&M but will visit the others...
she shall remain nameless though:(
The best of the best...dearest of dear
of true, true and tried friends. 
We stayed up WAY too late
and cherished every single moment
we had together. 
It's never, ever long enough. 
The next morning.....
Check out Hudson loving
on my God Daughter;)
We love you, Precious Addie!
I can't express in words how
wonderful it was to be with these
girls and their families.
They really do fill my cup:)
We have the absolute BEST memories
ever and we continue to make
The NaNa's ... but missing three of us:(
"When all is said and done,
if you can count all your true friends
on one hand, you're a lucky man."
Josh Charles
I am BEYOND lucky!!!
I pray that our little girls
know this type of
true friendship in their lives:)

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