Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hudson's 5th Birthday!!!

I still can't believe that my
baby boy turned FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, January 17th......
Finally FiVE!  His favorite number!!!
He had been asking for a desk;)
to do his homework and put his 
fake computer on!  ha!
We surprised him that morning with
a new desk in his room!!!
Walker and Hadlee helped him 
 set it all up!  He was so proud.  

My Sweet Precious Baby Love...
He is mommy's heart and soul.  
Just like every other birthday of his,
it involved going to Brother's 
basketball game!!!
Brother Birthday Love
Hudson shares his birthday with 
the most special lady...
Great Grandma Robinett!
Troy and Hudson were talking to her...
Hudson had LOTS of calls that day!!!
AND lots of mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Great Grandma Pierce!!!
Mr. V!!!!!!!!!!!
And PaPa Pierce, too!!!!!
He couldn't wait to open his gifts!
The kid loves new tennis shoes!!!
Putting together party favors:)
SO ready to go CELEBRATE!!!
The cake was sooooo perfect for Huddy!
My cookie cake lady is the BEST!
She's become such a dear friend now, too:)
Sister Birthday Love!!!
They are so sweet with one another
(most of the time!)...
They really really love each other.  
Finally it was PARTY time!

Hudson chose Fuddruckers and
told me exactly who he wanted to invite!
We bought dinner and gave
all the kids quarters (and quarters
and quarters and then some!!!!!!!!)...
Birthday Boy!
Cutest little blond blue eyed boy EVER!!!!
Hudson and his "friends"!
He chose Walker and Hadlee's friends...
and made sure I knew exactly which ones.
I love how they all dote on and love Huds!
We love our FiVE year old!!!
Singing to the sweet boy.....
May his wish come true!!!!
It's always fun celebrating in our family!!!

Time for GiFTS!!!!!!!!!!
A new mouth piece and 
wrist bands from Cooper and Nadali...
Aunt Michelle and Uncle Terry 
hooked him up with five 5's!!!
He loved it!
He had been asking us for a 
white Midway jersey!!!!!
SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This boy and his fun imagination!!!
He was so excited over each 
and every gift and had the cutest
little expressions!!!!!!!!!
Brother hung with Huds the whole time!
Paw Patrol!!!
Aunt Lynna hooked him up 
with two cool football shirts!!!
Jared gave him some of his 
quarterback GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When we were at Cowboy Stadium,
the Moores and Hudson had seen
this guy wearing a Cowboy mask
that was so cool!
Well, they found Hudson an Aggie one!!!
The mask was a huge hit!!!
He loved the Marvel Mashers
from the Moores, too!
Haily and Logan hooked him
up with a new football with a
tee AND a pump!!!!!!!
Hudson loved his birthday:)
One of the things Grandmother and PaPa
had for him was the black fitted
Nike shirt (just like Walker's)
to wear under his uniform!!! 
He had been asking for this!!!
Daddy also loved the Aggie mask;)
He had recently told us that after
his last play off game, that he 
and his team were going to join
the Police Academy (I can't make this 
stuff up!) he needed a uniform for that!
One of "his" girls!
Hudson is one loved little guy!!!
We were CRACKING up because 
the kids kept winning these football
shot glasses!!!!!!!!!  OH MY!
AND lots of stuffed animals!!!!!!!!!;(
Everyone seemed to have a blast! :)
How could you not when celebrating
Hudson Jack Pierce?!?
These boys love their little Hudson!!!
But NOBODY on this earth loves
him as much as his mama does!
He is my little love!!!!!!!
God knew I needed this guy
and my heart is FOREVER grateful:)
Pierce Party of Five was
complete when Big Huds came long!
We couldn't love you more, #5!!!
The rest of the night we played...
nothing like singing Happy Birthday
to Hudson after sucking on some helium;)
It's a good thing Officer Hudson was on duty!!! ;)
Did somebody call 9-1-1?!?
Finally FiVE...his favorite number!
I absolutely loved celebrating our blonde, blue eyed 
Baby Love's 5th Birthday!  
His heart, his imagination, his happiness...
God knew we needed him!
Only for this little boy would his family of five come out to 
watch him "play a (pretend!) football game" in the 
FReeZiNG cold.  The meanest thing
that he ever says is that he won't snuggle 
with us when he's upset with one of us...
but that never lasts long.  
I really wish I could freeze time with him, 
my once Spider-Man loving NOW FooTBaLL
obsessed little Love Child. 
He is my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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