Sunday, February 22, 2015

Recognizing Macy & Me:)

SOOOOOOO cool to see my 
Macy Girl coaching!!!!!!
And so cool that it was at Midway...
in fact Macy's JV team (the one
she coaches) beat ours by one point!
It was a good game!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent coaching by my niece:)
We are so proud of Coach Wischmeier!!!
Such a beautiful coach!!!!!!!!!
My girls(:
During the Varsity game that night, 
each player got to choose a teacher
to honor.  One of my students, 
Ashleigh, had invited me.  
It was cool because my whole team
had been chosen!!!!!! 
It was fun playing with each of our
families.  Brandy and Sarah's girls
are sooooooooo precious!!!!
I love these girls so much.  
We have a blast together!!!!!!!
Hudson just loved seeing the
Panther...with Haley trying to photo bomb;)
It was a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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