Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday SWARM Basketball

Every Saturday is SWARM basketball!!!
Some days there are two games in one day.
So we get out between games...
...and I pretend to have coffee;)
And my kids make fun of me!!!  ha ha!
Some of the teams we play
are HUGE.  Like really, really HUGE.
Check out "Air Walker"!!!!!!!!!!!
This particular game was especially awful...
the score was 21-0 with two minutes left
in the first quarter.  We were yelling,
"Just Score, Boys!  Just score!"
Like I said, these guys were HUGE
and they've been playing together all over
for years.  Most are in the 7th grade.  
The game got a little better...but not much;)
Sweet Boy had enough:(
He was completely out!!!!!!!!!

 Sweet Little Angel Boy

Gathering everyone up to go eat!!!!!!!!!
God bless these two!
They sit through a lot of things of Walker's;)
Valentine's Day was also spent on the court!
Go #55
Walker is so aggressive out there now!
We all love watching him play!!!!!!!!!!

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snekcip said...

Ooooh how I remember spending a MANY WEEKENDS in the gym! My husband coached at the local YMCA for over 30years! Both our sons and youngest daughter played with the exception of the oldest who preferred working the scoreboard. I can remember EVERY SPRINGBREAK traveling to Austin to play in their annual tournament. Teams, Talent and Testosterone filled does gyms to the BRIM!! Our teams (he had 3) were called the Beaumont Hoopstars. Now mind you, MOST of those teams were "elite players hand-picked by their coaches", our teams were just the opposite. The Hoopstars were comprised of kids who just literally loved the game and wanted to play! AND (((PLAY))) THEY DID!! We have TONS of trophies and t-shirts (representing each year we attended) to prove it. My husband just "retired" from the game about 5 years, and parents STILL call us and ask if COACH KENNY is coaching still. We have attended countless HS basketball games, banquets recognizing several of our players, several weddings, baby births and sadly one funeral of our players. The bond that is created amongst the team is immeasurable and you REALLY know the impact you made on kids when you see them out in public LONG AFTER their basketball years have ended or long after they have stopped playing "YMCA BALL" and they come up and give you a HUGE, WARM HUG!! All this to say, Walker is gonna ALWAYS remember these days and will LAUGH about the "clobbering they got from the big team', believe me we have ran up against some GIANTS too. BUT SCRAPPINESS builds character. My husband philosophy was "its not the scores on the board, all that matters is you gave it your best!" and THE BEST THEY DID!! Walker looks like he is an awesome PLAYER!!! Go WALKER!!!