Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walker's School Christmas Party

Walker's 6th Grade Christmas Party was next!!!!
They had a funny game with balloons in groups;)
They blew up balloons, stuffed them 
into panty hose and then one student
got to be Rudolf!  Of course Jonah was it!!!
This was really funny!!!
Then the moms had to judge who won:)
We absolutely LOVE and ADORE
Mrs. Gross and this homeroom class!!!
Mrs. G is an AWESOME teacher!!!
Walker has her for advanced math.  We have
loved getting to know her this year. 
Troy has even gone to help tutor
students for her.  This is a BiG 
year as far as what the students have to
learn in math for the STAAR test.
I am SO thankful for an awesome
and fun and sweet, caring teacher!!!
My handsome, smart, fun and kind
SiXTH grade boy!!!
I could not love this guy more
OR be more proud of him!
He is my heart and soul...............
Grayson, Jonathon, Walker, Evan
Love all these sixth grade boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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snekcip said...

Never heard of the "balloons in a pantyhose" trick. That is THE CUTEST!! I'm so gonna have to try that!! What a fun teacher!!!