Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas!!!

Thanksgiving weekend, we put up
our tree and Christmas decorations!!! 
It's so fun that the kids can
actually help now!!!!!
Hadlee and Hudson just had to 
"wrap a present"!  I cracked up
later when I noticed who it was from;)
My Christmas decorations are so 
precious to me.  Most of them have 
a significance or a memory to them...
like this sweet plate that was from RoRo!
Or my "Fun Bunch" ornament that 
was from the girls I taught with 
at Midway Middle School!
Unfortunately I usually end up with 
someone sick when the winter weather hits...
but it's usually not Walker!!!!!!!
Poor Guy ended his two year
perfect attendance roll :(
He was devastated over it, 
but there was nothing he could do. 
He was sick sick :( With the FLU
(even though we all had the shots).
I've never known him to sleep or
lay in bed for that many days straight:(
His fever was so high which scares us
terribly since he had febrile seizures 
when he was little so his sweet daddy
made a pallet in his room!  
(In my credit, I slept in his bed
with him the first night he was sick!)
Walker never complains and I felt
so sorry for him feeling so bad.
Luckily I got to watch some movies with him(:
This was the scene in my house ...
... and in my car!  
Hated seeing my boy like this!!!!!!!!!!
I requested his work from his teachers
because Walker was so concerned
over missing.  He went back to school
on a Friday after being gone all week
and was caught up on everything and took
his tests that very day and came home
with THIS progress report the next week!!!
I LOVE his drive. 
The most technological person I know 
FiNaLLY got a new phone!!!
Yay for my honey!!!!!!!!
Hudson was soooooo excited 
because Baby Bax joined him at 
Mrs. Janice's after Thanksgiving.
Hudson loves this little baby boy (so far!).
It melts my heart that my baby
is so sweet and interested in a baby! 
This particular Sunday at our church is so special
because we take toys and supplies to help
support different organizations. 
I let the kids choose which ones they 
wanted to support. 
Waiting with my girl to hear
what rank Baylor got!!!  ;)
We were acting CRAZY and hoping for #4!
But..........we got #5!  Oh well, it was probably right. 
It was also Christmas card time!!!
We really need to have a professional
picture taken...but I love our candids;)
AND I love the thought of 
"Shining with Joy"...
for Jesus 
~ no matter our circumstances ~
all year long and not just at Christmas.

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