Saturday, January 10, 2015

Johnny ManzELF is BACK!!!

Our favorite little Elf came back
in like a wrecking ball!!!!! ;)
Hadlee is the main one into Johnny 
ManzELF these days.  I think 
she wishes he were a little more
crazy ;) ;) ;)
Daddy thought this was a funny spot 
for Johnny ManzELF!
Even Johnny ManzELF 
needs his rest;)
Thank Goodness he knows
what really matters about 
Christmas though (:
He just better be careful in my 
favorite manger scene that Mamaw
painted and passed down to us!
I love the way Johnny ManzELF 
left though.  Hadlee is really the only
one that checks Instagram for me.  
I only have it to keep up with Walker
anyways.  But that sneaky little
Johnny ManzELF took a selfie
and posted a message to Hadlee 
when he left after Christmas!  ;)

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