Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Special Midnight Birthday Party!

When Daddy is at the deer lease
and Walker and Hadlee have 
someone to spend the night that means
Mommy has a date!!!!!:)
WiTH the sweetest guy in the world...
These two are such cuties!!!
Had to stop by and see some 
Christmas lights AND snow!!!!!!!
Kate was having a slumber party
so WiTH permission AND encouragement
from her parents, we decided to try
and scare the girls!  We were laughing so hard!
CRaSHiNG the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jersi's birthday was the next day
so I told the girls they could
stay up and that we would
have a party at midnight!  (:
We made cupcakes and decorated...
so sweet what Hadlee wrote her bestie!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Jersi Girl:)
Little Huds didn't make it up that late!
Jersi is a sweet one to celebrate!!!
She especially loved one part of her gift...
An Aggie shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With chevron of course!!!!!!
We should have been sleeping but
we were happy to be celebrating such 
a special little girl!!!!!!
Happy 9th Birthday, Jersi Girl :)
Our newest little Aggie!!!