Sunday, January 4, 2015


If I could use one word to describe myself,
it would be THaNKFuL!!!
I am just plain thankful...for so many
and so much although I'm not talking
anything material.  I swear I know
the sweetest, best people and
my life is full because of them!!! 
These two melt my heart
and teach me so much. 
 Hadlee came home from the first
day of the book fair at her school
insisting I send money for her
to buy Travis this Superman poster :)
 Sweetest little love I know...
 A perfect Friday night. 
Watching TV with my favorite four (:
 My Dad, My Aunt Kitty & My Uncle Ron...
unfortunately they had been to a funeral
of a relative gone way too soon in our family.
They looked so nice, I just had to take their picture.
 A beautiful couple on the inside and out...
they have truly blessed me more
than I could ever express in words. 
 Saturday Morning SNuGGLeS!!!!!
 Ping Pong for my Girl at School!!!!
 My students completely involved
in a story at school!!!
We acted out the play
Twelve Angry Men...this was our jury room. 
 Every class was so into it and
acted it out so well!!!
 I can't even remember what
they were playing but I loved it...
 All busy...
 ANd aaaalllllwayyyys having FuN!!!!!
 Michelle took my Dad for a pedicure
and manicure and sent me these pics (:
 My sweet, sweet DAD!
And how about my sister for doing this!!!

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snekcip said...

Beautiful post as always. Happy New Year to you and your BEAUTIFUL family!!